The Bioplasma-Generator is an energetically active instrument/apparatus, which isn’t physically touching the biological object (e. g. body), but evokes a luminescence in the “biological active points” (BAP) and a) shows results in the frequency of the visible spectrum and b) in the mean time treats and corrects them.

Principle of function

The working of the Bioplasma-Generatoris based on electric oscillation. All beings have an identical electrical voltage effect and their oscillations are recorded through periodic top vibrations of electric loaded particles. The different behaviour of the electrically loaded particles is shown by the luminescence of the BAP`s in all living organisms. A quasi-periodic top vibration of distinctly loaded particles is created, with the electric oscillation (within the exits of the electrodes), so that the location of impact is automatically shown. The impact of these particles takes place from 5 to 20 cm above the surface of the body. This evokes the luminescence of the BAP`s on the surface of the living organism.

These BAP`s contain information about the pathology of an organ, or group of organs, for the present, from the past and also for the future, allowing an early diagnosis. The correction automatically takes place during the examination of the points while the pathological information is being transmitted.

Medicine of the Future

In the following film I describe the background of the Energetic Corrector. In scarcely 4 minutes you become acquainted with the basic principles of my work with the Bioplasma-Generator.

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The diagnosis is the result of the analysis of the luminescence points above the body’s surface. BAPs are registered through the different voltages on the frequency band. The luminescence is visible if a local disorder of the quasi-neutrality or homogeneity is evoked trough the removal of the balance relevant plasma particles off the BAPs. This intends that the metabolism in this area is disturbed and the normal energetic circle must be reinstalled. The collected information mounts into a diagnosis as well as a picture of the zones which should be treated.

Treatment procedures
It is well known that energy flows in all biological active organisms. This energy flows in three directions through molecular conductors, which are called meridians in human science. The very strong energetic points are called acupuncture points. The radiation/emission of these points is always connected to a human organ. By registering the impulses of an acupuncture point the actual condition of an organ can be accurately described. Also malfunctions of certain sequences can be interpreted. For the first time ever in medical science, with a 95 % accuracy the source and progress of a disease can be determined, while at the same time introducing a targeted beneficial therapy resulting in salutogenesis.

The treatment proceeds by applying the equal density of positive and negative charge/voltage at the BAPs leading to quasi-neutrality which lets the visible luminescence disappear of the biological active points (BAP`s). It is known, if dissociating substances (catabolic metabolism) or a bio-synthetics process (anabolic metabolism) are dominating the organism, it leads to a process of separation of voltages and therefore an suppression of the production of anti bodies. This causes the displacement of particles at the BAP and the Zaharjin-head-zones.
Research results with the Bioplasma-Generator prove, that within the Zaharjin-Head-zones if an accumulation of pathological BAPs are found, they project themselves onto the surface of the body hinting to an abnormal actual state of the organ or group of organs.

Several scientists, especially in the field of resonance-therapy, erroneously enhance the frequency-oscillation (which indeed is pathological). To apply this resonance has negative successions for both, the pathological state and the organism of the patient.

The proceeding action of the treatment consists mainly of resolving the luminescence of the BAP`s. Depending on the severity of the pathologic state, 1- 15 treatment is recommended. The process or recuperation usually begins after the first treatment.
Scientific research, clinical studies under taken at different university clinics and lastly the immense clinical experience obtained for this method has led to the following results:

universal usage of the apparatus for the treatment of nearly all diseasesa quick diagnosis and short treatment (3 – 5 min.) the precision at a rate of 95 % to determine the cause of an illnessthe high methodical efficiency without using medicaments and in-stationed treatmentsthe application of the medical instrument is absolutely innoxious for the patient (except those with an cardiac pacemaker)
This medical instrument functions without any contact and fully automatically. Handling errors are precluded.
The practical range of implementation of the Bioplasma-Generator is limitless, because the foundation of each being is the same. This has been proved in numerous long term experiments in medicine, biology and pharmacology.

The special significance of the Bioplasma-Generator has practically solved the problem of making an early diagnosis.

Scientific fundamentalsthe immune-system and it’s structureidentification of antibodies, of the molecular structures of the cells and the bio-electrical voltage of immune-components such as lymphocytesprinciple of defence by the immune systemacupuncture points and energy meridianscreation/development of viruses, their incorporationIntracellular-area (matrix) and chemical processes on the surface of the cell technical cognitions/knowledgethe effect of electric waves over the oscillatory-bandsetup of electric impulses and positive voltage exactly according to the information of the bio-bodysynchronisation of oscillatory waves exactly on to the energy less pointsprecise distribution of energy into the T-lymphocytes receptor-molecules, as well as the equalisation of energy in the area of ionisation within the molecules.

Break trough in medical science

The Discovery and Ability to set up frequencies and electric impulses through oscillation is a break trough in medical science.

A key factor is the ability to produce a balanced current with the same voltage, between the surface of a cell and also within the intracellular-area. Modern medical science has been unable to determine the nascence of viruses or to analyze the bio-electrochemical connections of viruses. Neither medical instruments, or medical knowledge has been sufficient.

A virus is a static electrical charge, which originates in a specific bio-electrochemical connection in the body. If proteins contact the surface of a human cell they are being exposed to a voltage, above 100 million volts, they start being active. Protons and neutrons get energetically loaded and begin to rotate. Minerals such as calcium, copper and carbon molecules, contained by the mineral salts of the body, also get loaded by them. If the voltage of these minerals adds up to 100 million Volts, and an ARP is reached (one ARP-0, 00000001 ampere) this leads to eddy currents, forcing the minerals through the proteins. Superfluous energy voltage transmits into the closed cells of the body, therefore the cells are unable to function normally. The electric current is disconnected from one cell to another, and reaches the nerve cells. The nerves send impulses through the central nervous system to the body. The CNS shuts down the function of the violated cells and these die off within a few minutes. The dead cells leave behind proteins and minerals within the intracellular area.

These eddy currents produce a higher activity and rotation of the proteins and minerals which leads to a strain- and a hyper-production of energy in the healthy cells within the entire body. The body warms up and the metabolism of the affected cells is stopped. The body reacts with a very high temperature being attacked by a virus caused illness, if the disease lasts longer than 48 hours.

If the disease only affects single parts of the body, other cells burst and cause local wounds producing severe pain.

The Bioplasma-Generator shows its specific force being able to use the oscillation most effectively. The apparatus creates with the positive loaded oscillation a voltage of 150 – 200 million volts at the periphery of the health cells. Therefore an activation of the proteins and minerals within the intracellular area is not possible furthermore. The cell is electrically loaded and neutralizes all the viruses being built. In less than 60 seconds those viruses are neutralized and the mass of proteins and minerals can be excreted if the proteins and minerals are charged up to 1 milliard volt and 2 ARP little electric globes develop which are eliminated through breathe or urine from the body any contact with such a globe is dangerous, because the are able to affect the healthy cells. A picture of these globes is only educible with the blue-light of a special spectrum.

It is also possible to sterilize rooms up to 5000 cubic meters per hour with the oscillator.

How the method works

Effects on bacteria

Symbiotic bacteria in the body have the equal electrical voltage as normal human cells. This is a voltage of 100 million volts and 1- 2,2 ARP. If the bacterial culture is too active, the bacteria are uploaded during their process of division up to 150 million volts and 2,5 – 3 ARP.

The Bioplasma-Generator reduces the voltage of the bacteria leading to destruction of the newly produced bacteria. If regularly used (every 6 month) even chronic diseases can be cured.

Impairment/damages of the central nervous system

Biological Active Points (BAPs)
Biological Active Points (BAPs)

Each cell of the human body is connected to the periphery of the nerve cells. Each nerve cell is connected to the central nervous system (CNS) by the circulation where integration of the incoming information/electric impulses and its analysis/evaluation/interpretation takes places. Within the CNS new impulses are made and can be sent to the periphery of the body. These impulse induced by the cells enhance the flow of ions in the nerve cells. The ionisation causes electric voltages and releases electrons inside of the nerve cells. The intensity of the transfer of electrons depends on the actual state of health of the human body.

Corresponding to their special function in the human body, nerve cells have a peculiar type of structure. The inner channels of the nerve cells are cavernous and closed. They do not contain mass but they are connected to spirally arranged vacuum tubes. Electrons stream through these tubes undisturbed, with a certain number of electrons flowing. At the end of the nerve cells they are small branched extensions where electrons amassed. These extensions function like receptors. When a nerve cell is irritated/stimulated an increased voltage is created at its periphery, causing a fast electron current. The electrons move at a speed approximately 10 times the speed of light. The amount of induced electric currents depends on the intensity of the stimulation. At sufficiently high electric currents new impulses are sent to the CNS. Simultaneously electric currents are directed to the periphery of the stimulated nerve, activating adjacent nerves.

All biological active points (BAPs) are activated and transmit impulses to their adjacent cells. This process reveals the “commands” of the CNS.

If a muscle got a stroke large amounts of electrons start to move. These electrons course through the nerves tracks to the brain. From the motoric centre a multitude of electrons stream back to the periphery. These enhance the voltage and cause a reaction within the musculature. The corresponding muscles start to contract and shorten themselves. The muscular cells and their form of reaction are genetically pre-programmed to the strength of the electric currents.

Similar reactions exist in cells of other organs. If the electric current is influenced by a bio-chemical reaction or a bio-thermic combustion within the cells, pain, indisposition or other sensations and feelings are the outcome.

The nerve cell is differently structured in comparison to other cells. If the nerve cells are damaged the earlier mentioned vacuum-tubes get closed with proteins and inhibit the flow of electrons. The cell disconnects its function to protect that false information gets transmitted to other cells. Therefore it is almost impossible to renew or rebuild nerve cells of humans and mammals.

To activate or renew a damaged cell even if the cell didn’t die is difficult and mostly impossible. A harmed cell closes up completely and gets never active again. The electric current and communication with other cells is disconnected.

Healing of harmed nerve cells of the CNS

Diagnose und Therapie in einem Schritt
Diagnose und Therapie in einem Schritt

The Bioplasma-Generator is capable to absorbing the information of the BAP`s and automatically transfering this information to the nerve cells. If the bio-energy and the ionisation gets enhanced several times large numbers of electrons flow to the periphery of a damaged nerve cell. This causes the growth of the impulses even of harmed nerve cells and the vacuum tubes get filled with electrons and the nerve cells stretch and prolong themselves. Because of the growth and stretch of the stimulated cells within the free intracellular areas a connection with the next nerve cell is possible.

After several treatments it is possible to animate the affected nerve cells to grow and prolong and therefore disconnected organs can be activated once again. This method is of great importance for all the nerve-damaged and paralysed/paraplectic patients. The periphery of the cells is prolonging in all directions. Even the bundled cells around the spinal column lengthen and grow to connect with the next nerve cells.

If the treatment with the Bioplasma-Generator is applied on paralyzed patients from the Achilles` heel to the top of head for a period of at least 6 month, the growth of the nerve cells at the damaged points of the spinal column would spread quickly.
The nerve cell cannot renew or divide itself if damaged but it can elongate and extend when energetically supplied/fed.

The Bioplasma-Generator releases enhanced impulses and raises the bio-voltage up to 14 eV (electric Volts) this voltage is sufficient to activate the growth of nerve cells. The ion-currents are enhanced and the flow of electrons is supported and the metabolism is actuated. With a regular metabolism and a sufficient bio-electric voltage the cell is growing constantly. After a certain time damaged areas of the cells are woven around and reconnected to other parts of healthy cells.

Information by the central nervous system can be transmitted correctly and paralyzed muscles can be reactivated and receive coordinated impulses again.

With the aid of the Bioplasma-Generator and other corresponding physiotherapy treatments, patients with severe paralysis, pain or psycho traumas can be helped.

The Bioplasma-Generator is the only machine worldwide currently capable of reactivating nerve- and muscle cells.

Additional explanations to those who are interested can be given through the calculations of the bio-current-voltage at the periphery of the nerve cells. This calculation is based on the damaged nerve cells.

The collaboration of T- and B-lymphocytes

The B-lymphocytes have two main carriers within the cellular area: the first carrier is the hydrogen molecule-H16, the second carrier is the molecule built of carbon and helium, C 24 He 7. The second carrier is quite variable because the helium molecules absorb so-called solar energies and other energy fields faster and connect with other atoms. The helium atoms are neutral versus the hydrogen. The hydrogen therefore connects actively with other atoms within the cell and enriches proteins and hydrous food with energy.

With a steady diminish- and enlargement of helium atoms chemical connections are created in short times and these are releasing energy into the cells. As a very light atom, helium circles within all the areas of the cell. If the helium atom is almost completely unloaded it contracts and, because of its increased mass, settles on the cell membrane. The membrane of a cell contain active metals, elements like calcium, silicon etc. The settled helium atoms bond with these elements they are capable to absorbing new electric fields and recharging. The atomic structures extend and a bubble is build within the membrane of the cell. Having this space in the membrane is rare so the helium atoms get pressed into the middle of the cell. Here the helium atoms are reconnected to carbon atoms and release energy. This constant movement of helium atoms from the membrane of cell towards the centre of the cell produces the energy necessary for the synthetics of organic mineral connections for the cell. The energy is sufficient to activate the nitrogen atoms and to break down organic proteins.
The B-lymphocytes which penetrate the membrane of the cell outwards are mostly released into the intracellular area. With other amorphous elements the B-lymphocytes also adapt the shape of the micro organisms that are living there. Because of the movement of the B-lymphocytes within the intracellular fluids a stamp-like-shape is created on the membrane of the cell. The cell is warned that an outside attack is coming to the membrane. Now the cell activates the T-lymphocyte defence-system. T-Lymphocytes attack the micro organisms and destroy their bio energy.

If these micro organisms are discharged they appear as a foreign object to the living cell. The volume of these micro organisms decreases and the cells extends. The pressure in the intracellular area increases. This pressure forces the fluid into drainage channels and directs it to the kidneys. Through the principle of osmosis and sedimentation the heavier parts are drawn into the bladder channels and water is partly excreted from the body, or reabsorbed into the body.

Bio-chemical evidence

Common bio-chemistry is not capable of quickly registering active and passive processes in a living cell. This analysis can only be achieved with special light methods. Currently there are technologies which show a spectrum of biochemical processes. This spectrum must at least 60000 pictures per second to register an energy absorption and surrender of energy in the molecules. If one periodically projects from different angles, 60 optical radiations through 60 small photocells a spectral-light-film is obtained. Only special photo programmes can arrange/grade the pictures by their intensity and colour. With this method/procedure it is possible to show which energetic processes take place in cells and atoms. Also it can be determined how often a chemical connection originates and break down in a second. The constant connections in the cell that do not change are the DNA-system. This DNA-system builds a gene-ladder and always has a higher electric voltage. The DNA-ladder manages all chemical processes within the cell including information about its shape and it’s highest voltage potential.

Action/effect of the Bioplasma-Generator

The Bioplasma-Generator sends out waves far beyond 400 nanometres. Through a controlled inflow of plus-energy (ionisation-waves) bio-chemical processes within living cells are activated. The intended symbiosis of the cell gives a new impulse, shaped like a wave, to outside the human body.

Harmed cells take on this energy but are not able to report this impulse to the outside. In these areas energy whirls appear and are shown above the body as light points. These light-points are a “cry for help” by the cells because they cannot control their chemical processes by themselves. This energetic picture of several molecules of the whole body is called recreation. This energetic point consists of a multitude of connected impulses. If moved with a blue-light ray to the field of vision of an electron microscope, a long deep cylinder build of several thousand different nuances of colour is visible. The analysis of the nuances of colour using a spectrometer shows the following:
The nuances of red, yellow and green show the chemical connections happening because of the helium reactions with other atoms. Other nuances show the unloading (combustions) of proteins and organic molecules. The black continuing points show the picture of the DNA. Using this principle it is possible to make a precise analysis of the bodies healthy and diseased cells using a photo programme.

Bioplasma-Generator live

Here you see the treatment with Bioplasma-Generator in practice.

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Mathematic evidence

Mathematics may give an exact answer to all the processes of incorporation and release of energy in a cell. If calculating with a doubled function, where horizontal coordinates consist of 3 nulls, stepwise arranged (plus, minus, plus null) you get changing results spirally shaped. On the spiral you can read all the processes created by the chemical reactions.

Principle of medical attendance of Bioplasma

Bioplasma-Generator in use
Bioplasma-Generator in use

To make a general statement it is necessary to explain several physical and bio-chemical processes. At the same time it is important to know how the immune system functions and its principle of working. The complete working system of the body’s cells must be defined precisely.

The human body is constantly attacked by micro organisms from the outside. These microbes try to invade the intracellular area.

Those micro organisms who do live in symbiosis with the body, try to increase and establish their population. Microbes who are coming from outside, and who are already existing within the body are defeated by two defence systems, if the body owned cells are healthy and work properly.

Our body has two defence systems:

a) the cellular defence system, controlled by the T-lymphocytes
b) the humoral defence system being navigated by the B-lymphocytes

Both systems are strictly separated from one another. The humoral system functions in the following way:
Electrically loaded molecules consist of proteins and amino acids. The molecules are transmitted through the cell membrane into the intracellular area. These molecules are the substance of living cells and circulate around the cell membranes. All masses that come in contact with these molecules are charged with a high energy creating an above average voltage (higher than 0,7 eV). The healthy cell potential reaches a level of minus 70 eV and then discharges. A neutral potential then occurs within the micro organisms which automatically stops the metabolism. After a short period of time if the cell remains free from further attacks, it will have memorized and stored the information of the DNA and will than be able to recognize the intruder/aggressor. Being attacked a second time, the cell produces enough molecules with an increased positive-voltage that it keeps the external areas free from the attacker (intruder/assessor) . The membranes of the cells can absorb enough water and food to proceed and control their metabolic processes.

The humoral defence system recognizes foreign bodies and records their electro- static voltage. The B-lymphocytes contain amorphous molecules with undifferentiated structures. It is necessary to explain these amorphous molecules. These molecules only contain positively loaded atoms, so when in contact with other molecules, they attract the negative charge from the neutrons of their neighbouring cells. Therefore, with the exchange of these energies the amorphous crystals can precisely record and describe what the microbe or virus is made of. The B-lymphocytes gather at the end of each nerve cell and transfer the information to the central nervous system. The impulse flows back to the cell membrane. The cells are then able to activate their own highly loaded molecules and distribute these around their own cell membranes.

This bio-chemical process has been described the past, but the origins were not known by the scientists. The amorphous crystals, which either live in the shape of crystals or as liquid chains within the intracellular area, absorb the picture of the aggressors (i. e. microbes, viruses) and transfer this information to the receptors of the nerve cells. As previously described, the amorphous crystals are able to adapt to their neighbouring cells and I this bio-chemical process activate the defence system.

Looking at the bio-physiological side, metabolism consists of one single process. This process is the balance of voltage ranged from +0,7 eV to -70 eV. The electrical impulses are unloaded by amino acids and sorbic acids of the body. The flow of these streams is absorbed by the cells and then activates the processes within the cells. This activation is described as follows: if the negative energy/voltage is too high, the minerals and salts are draun back in a circle around the membranes of the cell. The minerals then force the proteins, water and gases into the middle of the cell. This mixing causes an enzymatic process which forms groups of molecules releasing energy. This energy is then released to the minerals which creates a balanced voltage. The organic and inorganic substances contract themselves and the membranes of cells absorb water enriched with oxygen and food from the outside.

Because of the existing pressure from outside the minerals and proteins are partly let into the intracellular area so that the membrane of the cell closes up. This process repeats within the cell about 30 to 45 times a second, wherear, the energy-impulse flows through the cell approximately 120 times per second. Healthy cells increase their voltage and send so-called positive-impulses of +0,7 eV. The Bioplasma-Generator registers these impulses and automatically sends them back to the cell. Aggressed cells have a voltage below -70 eV and these cells cannot absorb the impulses sent by the apparatus. A resistance is built at about 2 or 3 cm above the surface of the body. This resistance rotates the oxygen and hydrogen molecules and a small electric discharge happens. Lucid blue points of a distinct intensity and specific frequency spectrum are visible.

The electric discharge forms light-corpuscles, the so-called “light particle”, which can be transferred anywhere. This process in physics is called “to beam” (recreate). The picture or information contained in this light-particular represents the astral body of the damaged cell. Physically we have two energetic systems of information that the cell give to this picture of light. The first image shows the full picture of the living cell, and the second picture is of the cell discharged of it `s energy with no activity left. This cell needs new plus-impulses to reactivate.

The constructor of the Bioplasma-Generator has discovered and registered the first “beaming-process” worldwide.

Recently a group of scientists in Vienna were able to identify the first light-particulars and prove the existence of the astral body of matter. With this evidences and information a dematerialisation can be evoked to transfer mass through a free space from one place to another.

With the current technical devices available, we so far have not been able to transform the information from different masses into light-particles. As well, the equipment necessary to decipher the information has not yet been developed by the electronic scientists.

Direct impulses of these little light-particulars, which are created while treating the human body with the Bioplasma-Generator, are transmitted to the resonance-band at the speed of light. This light memorizes the following information:

Information 1:
The electric voltage of a healthy cell.
This voltage is positively loaded (plus)

Information 2:
Electric low-voltage, after the energy of the cell has been used up by the foreign body the light memorizes the electrically low voltage of the cell. These foreign bodies are highly loaded molecule which are found viruses and microbes.
A large amount of energy is consumed by the chemical processes of the virus and microbes multiplying, which unloads the centre of the violated cells. Cells lacking this positive/plus energy emit a negative field.

Such a process works in the following way: healthy muscle cells will have a complete combustion, normal metabolism and an electric voltage of +0,5 eV to 0,7 eV. Organic celluloses and proteins which are activated by these metabolic processes, have an electric voltage of 0,5 eV. mineral, salts and metals have a voltage of 0,7 eV.

The protons of the atoms calcium, hydrogen and oxygen etc. vibrate at a voltage of 0,5 to 0,7 eV. The B-lymphocytes within the cell are mostly amorphous atoms. These atoms do not have a solid structure or connection between the neutrons and protons. If these amorphous atoms receive a plus-impulse they will take on the shape of their neighbours atoms. They adapt to the same electric impulse within the living cell, which creates an astral picture of the energetic impulses within the cell. This astral picture is memorized within the amorphous crystals and can be used at any time. If the cell is attacked by microbes, these microbes transmit their own molecules into the cell. These foreign molecules unload the molecules of the cell. Now the amorphous crystals need a plus-energy and plus-frequency (positive voltage). The centre of the cell is neutral and its voltage is +/-0. The amorphous crystals are beamed and shaped like the cell in which they are located. The amorphous crystals radiate their frequencies into the intracellular areas in order to reach the receptors of the nerves. These receptors transmit their impulses to the surface of the body and try to absorb energy from outside the body.

This is the so-called “Cry for help” of the dying cell.

In fact the general principle of the Bioplasma-Generator is it`s ability to discover and record this “cry for help” of the dying cell on the oscillator’s band. This recording is possible because each living cell can beam itself. The cell shape is formed, on the one hand, because of its neutral atoms and molecules and on the other hand because of it`s amorphous atoms. The two pictures are identical, but their voltage differs. The amorphous crystals create a memory where the picture can be recalled at any time. As long as a cell lives undisturbed and it’s metabolism is intact, these amorphous crystals radiate the information to the cell. These amorphous crystals are spread around the membrane of the cell. If the cell doesn’t contain any energy the amorphous crystals radiate their vibration to the outside. And this energetic picture, in actuality, is a beamed-cell. This beam-cell is what we call an energetic picture or astral-body. If this negatively loaded beam-cell is exposed to a plus-impulse, it will completely reactivate and return to its original place. The mass in the centre of the cell is energized and starts to activate. The B- Lymphocytes now start to emit their vibrations into the cell. So the radiance reflects the picture of the cell. An astral-body is built and activates the materialized body.


  • B-lymphocytes consist of amorphous atoms with an undefined structure of proteins and neutrons
  • The amorphous atoms within the B-lymphocytes have the same structure as the living cell.
  • An astral-body is created and is identical with the living cell
  • This astral-body is negatively loaded and acts like a memory bank.
  • If parts of the mass of the cell are neutralized a net negative energy is created. This negative vibration is radiated outside the body and is sent as a picture and not as a ray. The energy is beamed exactly as it appears within the cell.
  • If the astral picture is loaded with a positive/plus energy then the picture returns back to its original place.
  • The Bioplasma-Generator takes on this minus-frequency and sends out the same amount of positive energy to the beamed cell.
  • The positive energy gets absorbed by the B-lymphocytes and activates the masses within the cell.
  • The process of life repeats itself.
  • Live is the balance between the astral-body and the materialized body in a field of energy.
  • The voltage, producing life, is -70 eV for the astral-body and the light-particular, and +0,7 eV for the neutral molecules (masses).